Te Pego na Saída – 09/08 | Escola Christino Cabral

Blitz 94

O Te Pego na Saída na escola Christino Cabral aconteceu hoje (09/08). A ganhadora do Kit Exclusivo foi a Vanessa!



– Infordigi Papelaria E Informática – Infordigi Qualidade e Economia na Prática.

– Nicoboco Bauru, venha conhecer a nova coleção verão. Avenida Getúlio Vargas 3-99.

– Buffet Kid Play – Festas completas com o melhor preço da cidade. Rua Araújo Leite, 32-50 – telefone 3010-2979.

– Pula-Pula Brinquedos Criativos Bauru – Pula Pula Brinquedo, uma linda loja, com brinquedos diferentes e muito criativos. Rua Araújo Leite 36-17 – telefone 3227-7502.


  1. Perhaps Jeff is referring to the link from Skeptical Science, which says you editied this episode down from over two hours of material. It’s been an absolute pleasure to listen to over an hour of untrtluedaaed sense and I for one would happily listen to the full two hours if you made it available.

  2. Thanks Lana. You raise some well thought out points I’d like to bring up in another interview. I am toying with the idea of waiting for the blu-ray though, just so I can pour over the costumes in minute detail. I’ll see. I happen to know a colleague of mine (who occasionally writes for this site) will hopefully be talking to Jeffrey about the clothes in Inception very soon. I will keep you all posted.

  3. Well Bawb, that warm comforting cocoon probably seems ideal to them, even if they are trapped within it. Much better than that nasty old changeable real world.I imagine the British press, like ours over here get most of their information from MSLSD and don't question it. I am not sure where the information in the report came from, but I am damn sure it didn't come from Thatcher herself.

  4. Yeah, I can see what you’re saying about original OG owners being happy about having a different shoe. I’d like that as well if I had a pair of originals. I just kind of see it as going in and “touching up” the “Mona Lisa”, if you will. The OG VII’s were just perfect, and to me, didn’t need any changes. But, it didn’t bother me too bad, considering I bought two pairs, ha. I’ve just always wondered why they changed up his retros, I didn’t know if it was due to a legal issue w/Nike.

  5. rachelgibby16 on August 18, 2012 Ok thanks iam practicing and sometimes i can draw. my dad is great at art and sketching anything but he obviously didn’t give me that gene lol but thanks for your advice and again i love your drawings!!:)

  6. Sounds good – I would coat the entire inside with a light film of melted chocolate, for sturdiness and melted-ice-cream-proofing.So, why such a significant deviation from the 123 cookie ratio? We’re talking half as much fat and 1/3 the flour.

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  9. Wow. You must be fun on a camping trip. I hate to break it to you, but there are many people posing the same question. It would save time if metric measurements were not listed. “The Misery of Cooking: Making it a Baffling Ordeal,” was not a big seller.

  10. .As the father of a black boy, this is chilling. Frank Taaffe has no real way of knowing how Trayvon Martin wore his pants. I doubt that he much cares. What amazes is the casualness of the racism, a casualness which does not see black boys as boys at all–but an indistinguishable super-predators in waiting. “Trayvon-like dudes.”

  11. ‘elected’ but the English ‘translation’ of this announcement printed in the Diocesan newspapers and even in the ‘news release’ and read out at the Enthronment/Installation says ‘appointed’ by the Pope. This is a serious change in at least the ‘official theory of ecclesiology for the role of Bishops. It certainly undermines any real thought of ‘collegiality’ or ‘subsidiarity’. Maybe ultimately Bismark had it right, the Bishops are now to be seen as only the ‘postmen’ or ‘branch managers’ for the Pope and Curia.

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  13. mir gefällt eigentlich alles! darf ich fragen, was du für die vasen gezahlt hast? die kosten sonst meist hier um die 8euro aufwärts…die gewürzbehälter finde ich am besten…habe deinen block entdeckt und versuche mich gerade am muskatnussirup…öhm…fehlt da jetzt ein S? anyway…tollet WE!

  14. I agree with Chris 100% (I think we must have talked about this previously). We should be able to pick up a very talented DB. Some are talking about Taylor Mays from USC, although he may be gone by then and I think plays more safety. I like the idea of picking up a OT in free agency then we would only need to draft one OT. In any case I will be watching and the upcoming season will be fANtastic.

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  16. The brazilian ruling party PT is infamous for it's terrorist organizations support, specially to FARC and communist CUBA, that is well known for years but it surprized me that Al Qaeda had help from this damn party. It's stupid and naive, Brazil almost as a whole thinks we are shielded from terrorists because we are "friends of the world". Lets see for how long this will last.

  17. But this is A-merry-ca, we can't handle the truth. Not when it might throw off our rather canned narrative about who we are as a people. Your so right, the truth can't be handled can it? Sort of like knowing that we are very loud and disruptive in movie theaters, then getting pissed because someone else not of the same skin color ackowledges what everyone knows and trying to deny it and call it racism and beating down the people who tell the truth with attacks. What a bunch of loony tunes.

  18. Thanks for the help JIM. My E3200 has started working again. It was working before but somehow I was not able to access the Internet on all my computers. The CIsco software did not work either. I started by resetting it and reconfigured it manually. The instructions were really good and easy to understand. Also the guest access is working and I have my friend connected to the guest access.

  19. Tavecchia commenti in questo blog dove il 90 per cento sono commenti anonimi e poi dici che non rispondi agli anonimi, vuoi solo visibilità quindi?Bene eccola anche se se non sei disposto a metterti in gioco non vedo il senso dei tuoi interventi!!!

  20. I only see in those links the pleas for MONEY for the "immediate" filing, (within one-week of Feb. 10).I don't see where either was actually DONE. (his explanation is only that "Mr. Klayman is coming on board on an existing case in Florida").I still don't see that Orly was wrong …..

  21. I think youll find there is more to this than a Magoo. Hubbard is like a mum and dad operation that got too big for the banks in a rural downturn. They want to gooble up the asset backed rural business and shed the bad debts. The state will bail out the bad debts and infratil will scoop up the good debts with the old fashioned rural capitalism of South Canterbury deposited in the local museum like a clapped out VW.

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